Do you still chat using mIRC?

September 29, 2008 8:35am CST
How many of you here who uses mIRC for chatting? I guess this chatting software is known to all, well, for those who don't Microsoft Internet Relay Chat (mIRC) is a Microsoft chat client for windows. This was very popular when I was still in high school way back year 2000. I still remember I sit inside the school laboratory just to chat way back then and this is my favorite client. Now, I don't chat that much unlike before. I only chat when there are important matters to discuss, of course I used the yahoo messenger. I just wonder, do you still uses mIRC for chatting? How many of you here have use this software? Share your experiences. Me, I've been to a lot of eye ball way back before because of this chat client. Hope to hear from you guys. Have a great day!
3 responses
@wallie (405)
• Sweden
29 Sep 08
I haven't used it since 1998 and I think the only reason I used it was because it functioned better than other chat software at the time. I think most people I know use Windows messenger now and I have no need for huge chat rooms but it might have been fun when I was younger though.
• Philippines
29 Sep 08
Yeah its fun way back then. It doesn't have lots of prerequisite to be able to use it. Doesn't need registration and you can really join huge chat rooms all at the same time.
@wa2nlinux (179)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 08
I using irc about 1997 - 1999 :D, lovely one if I remember that time, chatting with mirc, joined more than 3 or 4 channel, just chit chat :D wow that was great one. That time Internet not quite familiar in my city there are only 4-5 Internet cafe :D. After Mirc I use ICQ and Yahoo IM till now :D. The former mirc user :D
• Philippines
29 Sep 08
Glad to hear that there is someone like me who uses that client before. Yeah, its fun to chit chat over mIRC. I also joined a lot of channels to chat. My friends always ask me how I keep up with 2 to 5 channels. I can say I really am addicted to chatting using that software before.
@Anchopy (1453)
• Paraguay
17 Oct 08
I remember that I used to use mIRC for chatting back in 1999 and 2000.. but after a while I only use it to download files.. then I stop using it and now I'm back in the game with it.. I'm looking a channel on EFNet where I can download mpg videos..