I think maggers are noobs.am i correct?

September 29, 2008 11:54am CST
Hello CS gamers i hve been playing CS for many years.From my experience i say maggers are the noobs.Why i say like this is Snippers are a easy way to kill people than other guns..getting pro in magging is not a big deal only a little practice is enough.Maggers sit still in one postition looks after a area and kill enemy in long wen came in front of them while his back being covered by their friends.Quick zoom,no scope are also not a big deal..A real pro can kill an enemy with a head shot in a rifle no matter how long he is. And i think it is really a beauty to watch getting killed in a rifle in single bullet with a headshot.
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10 Mar 10
maggers are not noobs. being a magger is very hard. it takes alot of skill to do. not many people are skilled enough to be a magger. i have tried it and i was not very good at it. but i took revenge in other ways on the game...
• India
20 Apr 09
zodiaccgg is right.. cheers dude.. Magging need great skill and accuracy dude... Pro gamers can easily dodge bullets and there are many chances for a good magger to miss shots... long distance shots with a rife is way to difficult... watch SK|Fiskers magging skills in youtube... you would probably feel there is no better weapon than magnum sniper... I agree wen it comes to auto sniping.. thats a sad n poor weapon to use...
@Zodiacgg (14)
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16 Nov 08
no buddy that's not right .magging is difficult u r talking about people who sit in one place but i know people who goes forward n kill by using sniper rifle n some with out zooming in close proximity. and killing with rifles from long distance is also very difficult personally i use both but good in rifles remember sniping is also a skill if u miss than u die coz no other option but in rifle u can fire 30 rounds to spray on it