Sms Backup

September 30, 2008 4:50am CST
Hi Friends, i have a little doubt. in which sony ericson mobile, we can take sms bacup? i should read that sms in my PC too. is it possible in sony ericson? even if it is nokia, no problem. all i need is to take a backup of my sms and i should read it on my computer as well.. guide me friends..
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15 Feb 09
i too using sony ericson mobile only i having many sms backup it has no problem in my mobile i think its not possible to backup kn't store in computer
• India
16 Feb 09
Hi Santhosheie, I am glad that you are continously participating in my discussions.. First of all, i thank you for that thing. Actually, taking sms backup is possible in mid - high & high end mobile phones.. For sony ericson, A software called Myphone explorer helps to take backup of our mobile inbox into our computer. For Nokia, you have various options to take sms backup. I use Bestmessage Storer software. Thanks for your response.. Have a nice time!!
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7 Oct 08
hi raghul, you are asking a verry verry great and good question too,yes raghul you are way of thinking is very great too. in my point of view nokia is the worlds best phone forever i think am i right,ok i am coming to matter nokia is the only mobile phone which has that precise and valuable option that we can back up our datas ie,phone contact datas and phone message inbox,outbox.drafts datas and also we can put it in a cd or pendrive,but it is very very immpossible in any other phone in the world so sorry you cant take any backup frm sony group of phones sorry raghul without nokia you could dnt do any thing wit that sony eriscon so go for nokia group of phones its best forever. bye raghul77ster
• India
8 Oct 08
Hi sridhar.. thankis for your comment. but i cant agree your comment that sony ericson mobiles are waste. actually its possible in ericson for taking backup.but not in the low end. anyway, happy mylotting