How much time do you spend mylotting ???

September 30, 2008 9:15am CST
Hey guys, I just wanted to know how much time do spend mylotting everyday to earn a minimum of $10 a month ??? And in that period of your mylotting what do you do( eg. post discussions, answer discussions, post blogs etc. ??)
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@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
30 Sep 08
Well this depends on how many active referrals that you have. If you have 10 active referrals, where all them help you earn $0.10 each averagely. You could earn $30 per month. But if you do not have any referrals, I think you need to work 3~4 hours a day to earn $10 per month. I am not earning $10 a month because I do not have much time working on Mylot everyday. I spend just about 1 hour per day only. Added with my referral earning, I could only achieve my minimum payout at the rate of once every two months.
• India
30 Sep 08
thats bad for you.....but anyways ..thankx for sharing your views and giving such a valuable information on referrals ......I seriously did'nt know that !!!!! thanks !!!!!!!!
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@Margarit (3677)
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
Hi astrodevilster, During monday to friday i spent at least three hours a day while in saturday 5 hours and in sunday i can spent for 12 hours or more. But it doesnt mean that i do always posting. Some i dont go mylot for i have more important to do. Some i just like to read the discussion without posting anything. I think it is weird for someone in here for i they are so ingrossed in making earnings as fast as possible. But i just take it slow, i like most having quality discussion and responses than quantities. Have a nice day.