Need help!!!! and advice.

@kittenmc (465)
United States
September 30, 2008 10:50am CST
The other day my son was on the computer and the screen went blank! I was too tired to deal with it, but did anyways. Because I was so tired I didn't realize it was the screen that went out until I had already uploaded the operating system disc. Also, I didn't realize the warning on the disc until it was too late. (The warning: This process erases all data and files from hard drive.) Okay! I know! I have DUMMY written all over my forehead, but I was thinking worse case, like it had crashed. Now I have lost everything! 150 plus files, (Mostly home school files and my book I'm writing),4 years of pictures (I do have most of them on a website safe and sound, but not all) programs I had downloaded (now can't find), and I'm unable to download the game chicktionary from (which I played everyday) and a few other things. Is there anyway I can fix this and retrieve my stuff? I would so much apperciate any help I can get.
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• India
30 Sep 08
The data that is erased b the disc can only be retieved if it's deleted and not shredded(means completely deleted beyond recovery). Try to get some data recovery software and don't install anything else till then and also don't install the software in the drive in which your other data was saved. I haven't tried this but what I have read I have told you.Then you can retrieve the data from the software .hope this works
@evillo (98)
• Egypt
7 Oct 08
every single thing u delete by pressing SHIFT & DELETE buttons is retrievable ..& if u have a system restore point (which i don't think so since windows millinium passed away) u would get those files back.. but things that got formatted with a F command..i'm not sure if it can be retrieved even by recovery software or such stuff..let's at least hope that the format wasn't in deep core of the drive..meaning there maybe a chanse if it was a /Q format not a deep core one
@slot100 (546)
• Hungary
30 Sep 08
Try to make a system recovery! usually when you downloaded something and installed it, Windows will usually make a system back-up, so you will be able to lost the erased data. Just for in case your computer crashes! The only thing with this ise, is that you have to be in the posession of the Windows System Recovery disk, or the Windows XP Install CD. With this way, you need to reset your computer, and when you see the text; start windows from the cd, you have to press a button..doesn't matter which one! And the moment when he's inside of the CD, and you see the blue setup screen, you need to press F2 for the automatic System recovery. And if you're luck, you may be able to get all your properties and files back! About that game is a simple thing. You don't have Java runtime environment or adobe flash player not anymore on your computer, so you need to download and install this again. on, or, depending on what you need. I would suggest to download BOTH, because usually you need them both.. Anyway, good luck with this..if you have anymore questions or advice needed, then just ask me! :) Just comment on this message, and I will help you a.s.a.p.!
• Egypt
30 Sep 08
yes there are many programs that can retrive lost data after unexpected format.. most of them are called data recovery or something like that..