Why friends leave us????

September 30, 2008 11:00am CST
Hello Friends.......Life is so strange na...one cant predict life...No one knows what will happen in the next few minutes...We all know wat are friends..And all of us have friends..We all know their importance in our life..But do we know that why they leave us if they mean alot to us...We have lotsa friends..Among them some are very close to us and they mean alot to us...If we have dne a mistakes they forgive us but sometimes for them its becomes difficult to forgive us for our deeds and as a punishment they leave us alone forever...And we start waiting for them..But do they come back in our life again?????????? I am one of them...I have lost my best friend and still waiting for him...A long time has been past but he didnt come....But i didnt give up..I am still waiting for my best friend...Do he come back in my lyf again???? Wat do u think whether he vil come or not or I should stop waiting for him???????? If u would be in my place then wat u hav done????????
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