How do i get a free online blog going

September 30, 2008 3:28pm CST
I suffer from severe depression am a good 8 stone overweight smoke 30 a day and am £4000 overdrawn. I think its time to make a few changes in my life i have been doing some research on living a frugal lifestyle and how to make financial cutbacks and have come up with a plan to turn my life around. I read a newspaper article about a woman who lived on £1 a day for a year she managed to save £10000 in that year i have all the tips on what to do and am ready to start this new life the thing is i really want to start a weekly blog detailing my progress over the next year something to reflect on once i have reached my one year goal but i have no idea how to go about createing an online blog all the ones i have seen you have to pay for and obviously paying for a blog would go against the method of the excersie. If anyone knows how i can get a free online blog i would be really gratefull for the info and any money saving tips wouldnt go a miss either. Theres no way i can live on £1 a day but im going to try and live on as little as possible and see where i am in a years time i am also packing in the smoking that will save me £60 a week for a start and i have been given some home gym equipment to help with the weightloss part of it to. Any tips recipes or info on starting a blog would be really helpfull xx xx
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@paid2write (5202)
6 Oct 08
I really admire your plan and I think blogging could help to keep you on the right path towards reaching your goal. My blog Abundance! is all about reaching goals and achieving success, despite the hardships and difficulties in life. There is a link to it on my profile. If you view my profile you will also find links to some articles about blogging.