do you think....

United States
September 30, 2008 8:31pm CST
do you think taking 6 ciolleeg classes a semester is too many? im trying top get into thi sreally good and picky veterinary school and texas, and they dont really require to many courses but in the selection part they do mention that the veteranary courses avereage about 20+ credits per semester, and they really want peopel who will be able to deal with that. now i THINK that i can manage that, but im working a full time job and im planning my wedding that will be in 6 months. i couls hack having 2 classes during summer 2 which only lasts 1 month, and i ended up getting B's which is not bad at all, but everyone's telling me i wont me able to do it and it sgot me second guessing my self. i feel like i can do it, but im not so sure not. classes staret in jan i believe so nov ill have to register. one good motivater is that im paying for my own classes so theres no way that ill let myself fail cu zits coming out of my pocket. annything lower than a B isnt good enough for me either. would you all reccment taking 6 classes or should i stcik with 4?
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