@taruns3 (102)
November 6, 2006 12:32pm CST
Do u meditate? If u,can u say how it was and it helps
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• India
11 Nov 06
i am only going to temple meditation
• China
11 Nov 06
Sit in a comfortable position, with a straight spine, and the eyes either closed, or out of focus. This is a good one to teach our mind to concentrate, called the twenty-four second meditation. It involves picturing numbers made up of dots as shown on large digital displays. We commence by picturing the digits 24. When we can clearly visualise each dot which makes each of the two digits two and four, then we move to 23, and 22. The concentration on the dots helps to eliminate other thoughts from the mind, and with a little practice over a few days, we are able to move from 24 down through all the digits to 0. If another thought enters our mind during this process, then we must start again. This is why it takes a few days before we are able to succeed Once we can succeed then we are achieving an alpha state of mind, which is relaxed, and free of the linear thought process. This is the state of mind required for deep meditation, which we discuss later.