No Demo Release For Need For Speed Undercover ????

October 1, 2008 5:16am CST
The twelth installment of the popular racing video game series Need for Speed has been shown at the Games Conventions in Asia. And according to John Doyle , the producer of the latest Need for Speed game, EA would not be releasing a demo. He told GamingIndians that EA would not be releasing a demo of the game since they wanted to concentrate on the game rather than spend time on the demo . Need For Speed: Undercover is expected to hit on 18th November 2008 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, Wii, DS and PSP. So This Is Simply Disgusting Guys That WE May Not Have To Play The Demo . I Think EA are Concentrating That It Must Get Sucess In This Series So Im Counting On It Waiting All 4 Ur Replies
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