Friend never stops flirting, what should I do ?

@pimagro24 (1046)
October 1, 2008 7:01am CST
My friend has a boyfriend but you would never guess. She majorly flirt with any and every guy ,even the one I'm kinda going out with . What should I do I feel bad for the guy she is dating and I'm of her flirt with my guy?
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@arthi_88 (1518)
• India
2 Oct 08
Some people flirt with those people only who themselves are flirt...till then its o.k but flirting with your boyfriend is surely out of hand as she is friend..make it clear to her in a polite no nonsense tone that you and ALSO your boyfriend feel uncomfortable with her behavior with him... Also you can take a twisted turn and make her realize how much her boyfriend loves her and how is hurting him by flirting in this manner.. Hope This Helps...ALL THE BEST!
@kean28 (226)
• Philippines
1 Oct 08
there are people who are naturally flirt but doesn't mean a thing to them..but as far as she goes on flirting with the one your dating with i think that's a foul play..tell her what you feel...and tell her what you think about it honestly and what people may think...if she is a true friend she'll understand...i know some people flirting are inborn, my bf is one of them but he never goes under their pants...he just like to flirt
• Australia
1 Oct 08
i seriously dont know. maybe tell her in a broad way, like pretend that scenario was happening to her friend and maybe you can hint to her as well. hope it helps =)