maggot,myiasis - an operation to remove a maggot in eye
October 1, 2008 8:04am CST
myiasis, disease cause by paratisic dipterous fly larvae feeding on the host's necrotic or living's known as sheep disease,and causing nearly $200 millions in losses of australian sheep breeding happens when a female fly lay their egg on the hosts,mainly on buttocks of the sheep,and within 8-20hours,maggots come to life,depending on the condition.the maggot live in hosts,and eat on hosts tissue.complication of this is bacterial infection,which may lead to septicemia(bacteria and toxin of bacteria accumulate in blood) and causing intoxication and damage of internal organ.myiasis can happen in the best prevention is to keep your hygienic conditon all the time as best as you can.:-)
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@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
5 Oct 08
geezzz, you made a quite good research in this one. indeed, this type of condition is preventable if good hygiene is always practiced. and really the photos are so gross but this could be a good information to spread.
• Malaysia
6 Oct 08
yeah thanks gave me a booster to continue first i thought kinda down because no one reply my discussions.i did some research before i post this discussion.i want to share something informative with mylotters.keep replying,thanks!!!