what kind of place is holland?

October 1, 2008 8:51am CST
i love this country called holland.and wish to understand more about it.
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@Pioddd (55)
• Belgium
1 Oct 08
Eum Holland or the netherlands is in Europe. They speak the same language as in Belgium . Their language is Dutch In holland you've got 'coffeeshops and smartshops ' This are shops where you can buy weed and mushrooms. This are just a few things of Holland. :p I'm actually from belgium so i dont know much about it xD
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@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 08
This Netherlands things are so interesting. i have seen the tulips in the pictures. I wish i can touch them.
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@sweety_81 (2129)
• India
11 Nov 08
Hi, You can check this site for a good description of Holland : http://www.minbuza.nl/history/en/home Some excerpts: " 1588 ______ The Republic of the United Provinces A huge Spanish fleet - the Armada - is sunk in the waters round the British Isles. Maurice, son of the assassinated William of Orange, forces the Spanish onto the defensive and captures a series of towns from them. In the Republic of the United Provinces, a unique political system is created, controlled by the leading figure of the day, Grand Pensionary Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. Read more The Golden Age The Golden Age is the key period in Dutch history. The newly-formed North Sea mini-state, at once old-fashioned and hyper-modern, experiences a period of unprecedented economic, cultural and scientific development. The religious freedom of the Republic attracts many immigrants fleeing religious persecution elsewhere in Europe. Amsterdam becomes a magnet for writers and scholars unable to publish in their own countries. Also check : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland Regards