@jackiew (915)
October 1, 2008 9:25am CST
hello i have been reading alot lately about how rude telemarketers can be and i just wanted to say i worked for outbound for 6 years where i had to call people everyday for credit card offers-i didn't feel good about it but it was a job and it paid me-after 6 years i moved to an inbound center and customers called me to do catalogue orders-i thought this would be so easy-wrong!~you think telemarketers can be rude well the customers can be outrageous--they call me and yet they still have something to scream about- i was cursed at-yelled at-called stupid and everything else and these are people that called me-i didn't call them-thank god i gave both up or i would of lost my sanity-7 years enough for me
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@reoko10 (578)
• United States
1 Oct 08
Yah I know what you mean I worked in that to and it's just something you do to make money you need to live life. So people can't get mad at you because you do this kind of work you get paid and thats all that matters. OMG the customers are rude to and they don't even do it for the money there just rude to be rude they act like the telemarketer dose not have feelings it kind of sucks.
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