did people understand u more than ur self?

@golechha (178)
October 1, 2008 9:27am CST
ya,,, i got very good understanding plps in my life . how understand my words before saying they do all that thinks . they love me i love them, more than my life. cant leave without them
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• Philippines
8 Oct 08
Hi there golechha! Well, I must say that I understand myself more than other people do. I am generally a transparent individual and so people see the real me in most instances. People close to me know me much and they know what I like and dislike. They know and understand who I am and what I feel without me telling them how I truly feel. Of course, I appreciate the fact that while people know my weaknesses and see my shortcomings, they are there always. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you are accepted, understood and loved.
@dpk262006 (56482)
• Delhi, India
8 Oct 08
You must be very positive by nature and you would have got very transparent nature, that is why people known to you love you and adore you. Loving each other helps build healthy and long lasting relations. Keep it up. I can state the same thing about me, which you have stated.
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
All I can say is that only the others can fully realize the picture of our back. It only require a keen observer which prejudice haven't conquered. Memories of our life bring thousand pictures that can lead to better understanding of how one live and piece by piece a patient heart can solve the puzzle that is us.
@Wangjiu (12)
• China
3 Oct 08
Everyone can also live well after they lose someone important to them.