do you ever type so much in one day that

@cher913 (25893)
October 1, 2008 12:58pm CST
your fingers become numb? what do you do for them? how do you rest them?
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• Philippines
2 Oct 08
yes, i did type a lot this week that hurt my hands so much..i was online for 6 hours..i forgot to even have lunch..i massaged my hands at home, i did not wash it for hours so that my veins could take some rest..working here online is so addictive that i forgot i am human and not a
@winterose (39923)
• Canada
2 Oct 08
massage them, rub them the tips, the joints ect it will get the blood circulation going again.
@slot100 (546)
• Hungary
1 Oct 08
Well, I must say that aren't actually numb, but they do hurt a lot then though! usually, after I've been typing after an hour or so, then my fingers usually get in the mean time once or twice a cramp, and that is for me a sign that I have to stop typing for a couple of minutes..After that I just continue til' the next cramp! I think more people have been experiencing fingercramp, then actually total numbness! But did it happen to you? What did you do to get that?
@dsharat (456)
• India
1 Oct 08
Yeah once I did type for a very long time,which made my hands very painful..but not numb... When ever I feel some pain in my hands I'll start pressing the tips of my figures.It helps in circulating the blood in a correct manner and it prevents our hands from getting pain.It really works for me and hop it works for you also...
@Chevee (5915)
• United States
1 Oct 08
Yes, I do i just get up from the computer and take a break, maybe go outside since the weather is great this time of year. I also sit in this chair so long that my butt gets numb too I even have a pillow in it.
@lrglara (1343)
• Philippines
1 Oct 08
yes i did. it comes with my job. i worked as a transcriptionist and when we have assignments, we can't stop until all the dictations are typed. we rarely stop, only to pee. LOL! it was so numb that my pinkie hurted for 3 days. i shake my hands especially if i feel its getting numb. we have been typing for so long, in a cold room... i wouldn't recommend it! if you can rest it, do it!