Number with your names means??

October 1, 2008 1:41pm CST
I find there many different numbers beside the name at mylot. Not only mylot but at other website too. Example salem14, marie55. I also have number beside my name. I choose it because I like that number. I used it because I can remember my id every time I enter any website. Do you have any number with your name? I am curious to know, what does number beside your name at mylot means? Why do you choose that number? Any particular reason for doing that? If you don't have, what number will you choose and why? Like to hear your thoughts.
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• United States
2 Oct 08
I usually have a number after my name and its different on different sites. On this site its the year i was born. In my email addy's is the age i was when i first got that email addy. I even used the number of my dorm room once after my name on an instant messenger.
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• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
You are creative in choosing the number. All number that usually chosen by people bring different meaning to different person. Some will keep using same number and some like to change the number according to their mood. Thanks for sharing the secret behind the number with your name.