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October 1, 2008 6:57pm CST
I think this topic has advantaged a lot of people especially programmer. I want to know about step by step to making shareware and what the digest that I have to consider it to get a good quality shareware... May be for the others opportunity I want to get some money from this. Sorry.. Actually I have a bad english. Thanks a lot. regards. Khairil
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@mr_mlk (364)
19 Oct 08
I am not sure I understand your question, is a business one - how to sell shareware software, or a technical one - how to implement time outs, or a more general question – my experience with programming is X, so how do I make money writing software. The first, I'm not sure, but I would guess the thing to do would be to get your software out into the publics hands. Depending on the platform you are targeting, things like download.com would be where to go. Implementing time outs is basically a case of recording the date somewhere when you install the application, and checking the value on start up. I'm told that fully-functional software with nag screens are a better option. How to write quality software: Test and communicate with users. Don't assume they work how you think they work - so watch them work.