Help Woman, should I be concerned??? A private question for Woman

@mom4kids (658)
October 2, 2008 12:45am CST
Ok, so this is a question for woman who have had babies. Ok so I have had 4 kids. They are all very close together in age. They are 6 1/2, 5 (in December), 3 and 18 months. After each pregnancy I breast fed and had hardly any periods in 5 years because I was nursing and then because we just wanted more we didn't use protection and we always seemed to get pregnant right away. Before this year I only had a handful of periods since I was pregnant with my first. So now I have had my last baby. She was born April 2007 and I got my period back December 2007. Before I had always been really regular. Always around the same time, always pretty heavy and 7 days long. Well now it's moving around. I always got it the week of the 20th. It kept moving back a week and now this month it is back to its normal week. I got it the 22nd. It is acting so wierd. It is not like clockwork anymore. It is longer too and will leave for a day or even two and then come back, and not just a little bit! Like this last one I got it on the 22nd and it finished yesterday. Thats 9 days! And then today, I'm making super, and boom, it's back again. 10 days! Oh brother, give me a break. My husband says this is not normal and that I should see a doctor about it. What do you think? It's driving me crazy. I could handle it being longer, and heavier but this leaving and coming back is driving me bonkers. Its gotten so I don't leave the house if I've had my period recently and finished without wearing something, which sucks to wear something if you don't have it! Please ladies, can you help? Any advice is appreciated.
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@enola1692 (3325)
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2 Oct 08
I agree with your hubby I would go to the doctor an talk to them if you don't want to go I dont' know where you are but we have a program here called call a nurse an you can call an ask the nurse good luck an with all those babies you need to take care of you to