How Do u Feel When a Girl/Boy Cheats u In Love ????

October 2, 2008 3:55am CST
Previous Year i Went Through This Situation as My Girl Friend Cheated Me And Left Me As She Was Having An Affair Wid SomeOne Else In her Country ........ So I Suffered a Lot By Drinking and smoking Cigaretes To Forget her And After Then I Thought Why Should I Suffer like This For a Girl When She Doesnt want me...........At the Moment i Decided First to Build My Carrier and Bring a Status For My Own and Now At This Moment Im Doing a Job And Settled in My Life and Now Im Very Happy Guys n Girls widout Any Girl Friends So Have U Guys n Girls Expereinced This Type Of Situation In Ur Life PLz Share Wid Me Waiting All For ur Replies
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• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
Hi pal, sorry to hear that and believe you are really sad during that moment. For me, i will lock myself into room, if not, will get into a place where is back to natural, means that i will find the place like in garden, parks or hiking. With that method, it helps me feel better. But do remember, you should not take too long to recover because do you recall that your life is started without her also and the world will not stop because of someone missing/not around. =)
• India
2 Oct 08
Actually Im Good And Happy Now . At First I Was Very Upset and Very Moody At That time It Was Past 4 Months Back . Now Im Pretty Good and busy wid my job .. ....... thanks mate for ur reply it looks good when anyone cares for us like this do u wanna be my friend buddy
• Malaysia
3 Oct 08
Glad that able to enlighten you in certain extend. Definitely no problem to be your friend buddy.