how's your sight?

October 2, 2008 7:21am CST
i wear contact lens for 11 years now, and on my last check-up last motnh, my grade is already 500 for both eyes. i'm worried coz it's getting higher every year. how about you, what's your grade in your contact lens or eyeglasses? how long did you wear it?
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• Philippines
7 Oct 08
hi! i've been using contact lenses for almost 8 years now. i was dependent on eyeglasses. but it's more convenient to wear contacts. my eyemeasurement before was -2.50. and now it's -3.75. i hope it doesn't change in months or years time. cuz i fear of having worse eyesight when i grow older. i think one of the reasons why my eye measurement fluctuates is because i interchange from glasses to contacts. at home i just wear glasses. =)
• India
2 Oct 08
mine is 1.75+, in beginning it was less but later on it increased because i used to wear it only in the times of emergency. now i am wearing it regularly. so no problem. as i do lots of work on laptop its common to get spect. wear it regularly