Do u like eating steamboat?

October 2, 2008 8:56am CST
Hi everyone. I just had my meal before typing out this post. Well, i had steamboat with my family. To be frank, I kinda like steamboat sessions. Its kinda amazing when you can have almost all the variety of food in front of u for u to choose. For example, seafood, chicken, duck, beef, lamb, vege and many more. Plus, its operating on an eat-all-u-can basis. So, if u run out food on your table, u can go for refill anytime and take as much as u can afford to swallow. Yea, i guess that's about all i can say about steamboat for those of you who have no idea how steamboat sounds like or those who never been to steamboats before. It's a must try. Right?
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@snpyvin (1518)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 08
Yes, I love having steamboat too. I must agreed with you that its worth for us to pay once and get to eat alot of variety of foods while we can still refill it as many time we wanted and anytime we want. They always have this sign in steamboat that is eat all you can and don't waste the food. Other thing i like about eating steamboat is the joy and fun of the atmosphere. Its really fun to cook on our own with our friends. We can cook it in the way we wanted either in firing or soup boil. We laugh while we eat too and its really so enjoyable hope to eat steamboat with my friends soon.For thsoe who never it it i think its a must try for you.
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
2 Oct 08
Oh Yes I love eating steamboat. It's fun, it's also a time for catching up and a time to relax. Normally we eat steamboat during Chinese new year family reunion but now many steamboat buffet restaurants have pop up so we an go just anytime and eat all we want. I also go for steamboat with my husband and a group of friends to catch up on know while waiting for the food to b cook we talk........