the beatles: they truly are fabulous

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October 2, 2008 8:58am CST
I love the music of the Beatles. Their music and lyrics are prolific. I was first introduced to the Beatles, by my aunt when I was four and a half years old. She is an adament Beatles fan. Throughout the years, I've become one too. They aren't only muscians, songwriters, singers and performers but they are poets, Their music is pure poetry. My most favorite Beatle is John Lennon, because his songs are so powerfully expressive and heartfelt. In particular, his song SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS, makes me weep whenever I hear it, because it is so potent with emotion. I love John Lennons voice, in that it in and of itself is deeply moving. He really got to the root of society and humanity, in that he was an advocate for spreading the word of peace and love for all life, and humankind. As a group, the Beatles music is lively, especially their song SHAKE IT UP BABY, TWIST AND SHOUT. The song HEY JUDE really speaks to my soul. John Lennon cowrote this song with Paul McCartney, another brilliant writer, thinker, philosopher and poet in his own right. I also love the song HARD DAYS NIGHT, in addition to the movie of the same name. The BEATLES music in will live on forever. Especially the music John Lennon recorded as a solo artist.
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2 Oct 08
There is not one single Beatles song that i dont LOVE!!! Of course I was born in 1960 so was a kid when the were at the height of their popularity....but i know a LOT of people in their 20s now that also love the beatles so obviously they had something special!!! I never get tired of listening to beatles songs!!