What is your Birth Order?

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@mayrah (1037)
October 2, 2008 10:58am CST
Our birth order is our rank by age among our siblings. It is often believed to have a profound and lasting effect on our psychological development. According to some studies the only born child are the mega-movers of the world, they are task oriented, well organized, highly conscientious and dependable; The first borns are said to be natural leader, high achievers, frequently live with a sense of entitlement and superiority; The middle child learn to deal with both youngest and oldest siblings; And the last born child behaves like an only child. How about you what is you birth order and how was it related to your personality?
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@katkat (2379)
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
I’m the youngest sibling in our family. I don’t think this birth order theory doesn’t apply to all. Like I said I’m the youngest and I don’t act like I’m the only child. Maybe in other families, the youngest always get what they want and mostly the favorite. But in my case I don’t have both.
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• Philippines
2 Oct 08
I am the eldest among 4 siblings. I think the birth order could have an effect to our character. Growing up as an eldest child, you have to be a good example to your siblings, so that makes you a natural leader. Also, you have to learn to be dependable because your younger siblings look up to you for protection and they run to you when they need something, or they want to know something.
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