Video Shows Man Punching 16 Year Old Girl Repeatedly At A LA McDolnald's Counter

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October 2, 2008 12:39pm CST
This just boils my blood to no end, the fact that these days people are so selfish and so impatient, that they would stoop to violence and for what??? McDonald's hamburger and fries??? I mean, their food is not even all that... The worst part about this video is that after he repeatedly punched this young 16 year old girl in the face, he grabs hold of two small children's hands and walks out of the restaurant. Most likely, these were his children and I just find it extremely appalling that he would do this at all but also that he did it in front of his two young children. That's just disgusting! My husband said that he could see if the man were overweight but he wasn't even that LOL...I just hope that they catch this guy and teach him a good lesson. I hope the cops get him alone and scare the crap out of him because it's so easy to hurt people who are weaker than you but get him around people his own size and let's see what he'll do then. He'd probably pee his pants, that's what... Ugh, this just makes me sick!!! Here's the link, so that you can see it for yourself: Please, tell me what your oppinion on this video is?
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• United States
2 Oct 08
After watching this video, I'm also digusted that NO ONE stepped in to help the girl. And, after the guy is finished and takes his kids to leave, everyone just stands around staring like it's no big deal. This is the problem with society today. No one is willing to step up and help people anymore. Come on, that guy had absolutely NO RIGHT to punch a teenager simply because of an arguement over who was first in line. Grow up, you're an adult with children. Just move aside and let her go first or order and be done with it. There is absolutely no excuse for his behavior. And as far as I'm concerned there is no excuse for the behavior of all the individuals that stood around and just watched the guy punch her and then just let the guy get away without getting his license plate number.
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• Turkey
2 Oct 08
Yes, I agree, though some of the people around her in line looked to be no older than her. They may have been scared as well. Though, the girl that was standing beside her, at the end of the video, she didn't even go to help the girl get up. Instead, she just continues her way up the line, like nothing happened... It really is a disgrace how people seem to be so numb these days at the horrors that are going on around them. There seems to be no compassion or fellow feeling. You're right, most of the people just stood and acted as if nothing even happened. The one customer at the soda fountain just kept getting their drink, not seeming to care that a teenage girl was just attacked a few steps away... If this is what this world is like now, I can't imagine what it's going to be like in another decade or so...