Phishing Emails

United States
October 2, 2008 2:10pm CST
I'm sure all of us here, or at least most of us, have received at least one phishing email since signing up for an email address. Dare I say, I'd bet one of us has gotten or will get one today. But out of curiosity, have you gotten a phishing email recently? What "company" was it from? I haven't really gotten any in a while, at least not any that weren't really obvious. I've gotten a few from the IRS (about the refund checks earlier this year) and from a few random banks I've never heard of, much less have accounts with. But the most common ones that I get are "from" ebay and PayPal, both of which I do have accounts on. Fortunately I've never fallen for any. When I do get any from ebay or PayPal, I always make sure that I forward the email to them so they can know about it and work on disabling the links and websites. But you know what's funny? Ever since I started doing that, I've hardly received any PayPal or ebay phishing emails. So what about you?
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@fordgtdeb (131)
• Australia
3 Oct 08
i have had a few from paypal and of course forwarded then on to them and get quite a few from banks--overeas ones which no way i have an account with.Dont recall ever getting an ebay on as yet.I dont see how people fall for then as with payapl if they havent said your name then isnt phishing or scam mail same as banks they dont send out emails to clients how can people be fooled by them i have no idea maybe either stupid or naive.