Have you ever skipped school?

October 2, 2008 9:30pm CST
Have you ever skipped school?Well I skipped school once when I was 13.I mean like many teens in my school skipped school and smoking.I skipped school with them till one day the headmaster caught us.From that day on we were punished by the headmaster.Well the punishment is "Stay in school till 5,u boys understand?"lol I still remember his words.From that day on I didn't skipped school again. So tell me, have you skipped school or are you a super good student?
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• Canada
3 Oct 08
I used to sip school tons in my earlier years of highschool. I guess it was the cool thing to do and in grade 8 only the "coolest" skipped. People wore skipping like badges of honor and said things like "i skipped 5 times" only to be one upped by "o ya well i skipped 8 times". Looking back on it skipping was probably one of the more memorable thing about those early highschool years. Slowly though i grew out of it, and as the years went on i took school much more seriouly. Although i doesnt seem like a big deal right now it certainly was back then.
@chengbeb (285)
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
I had my share of skipping school. But this was during college days. If I really didn't like the subject or if I wasn't able to make my homework or I haven't finished my project. Those were the reasons why I'd skip school. But somehow I still value education above all. I would regret skipping school because I'd miss some valuable lessons but nonetheless it was something that I would really like to go through. Smoking and drinking though started when I was still in 2nd year high school.
@thanujad (405)
• Sri Lanka
3 Oct 08
It's not just that you are a super good student. In our country we hardly get a chance to skipp school. Parents will drop us in school or the teacher will inform the parents that we did not come to school. The biggest problem was we have to take a letter from the parent mentioning the reason for not attending school. I'm not sure how it is with boys but girls it's impossible.
@mscott (1924)
• United States
3 Oct 08
I never skipped school until I got into college. I guess that was pretty dumb because that was the one time when I was actually paying for school and I turn around and skip. So I was wasting my own money. That wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done. Once you skip it is much easier to skip again and again as well. The first time is always the hardest.