How's life being a newlywed?

October 2, 2008 11:09pm CST
Hello there. Congratulations to all the newlyweds out there.. Thankyou to my new mylot friend I was able to think of a discussion to post here on mylot. I know being a newlywed is one of the best times when you're married. So in love, so many gifts, best wishes from everyone you know, everything is so new, so sweet, even the petty fights become an exciting thing. But from your point of view, based on your experience, how's your life being a newlywed? And to those who have been married for more than a year... compare your life then from now. I know some say love fades as time goes by, for others love beats all odds...
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• India
3 Oct 08
Hi Warm wishes for the newly wed people here. I was married long ago. No, luckily for love is getting intensified with time. But yes, that 1st day was something really special. It's hard to forget the feelings, excitement etc. But a hard work out to make married life happy, also starts from that day. That day is really vital.
• Guam
3 Oct 08
My boyfriend and I are planning to get married, hopefully in 3 years. He still needs to undergo the petitioning process. Anyways, I know that our first day as husband and wife, will be like a dream come true for the both of us...