Ever got hurt when there was no one to help you?

October 3, 2008 2:01am CST
Yesterday I got hurt badly.There was no one at home when I slipped in the kitchen and my left elbow crashed with the utensil shelf before I landed with a big thud on the floor.I had cleaned a few plates and glasses without realising that in the process I had dropped a good amount of water on the floor.It had become slippery and as a result I slipped. The pain in the elbow was so bad I didn't realise that I had hurt my back too.I needed to dress my elbow wound because it was bleeding.With great dificulty I got up and took out the first aid kit.While tying the bandage I realised how difficult it was to do it on your own. It was a scary situation. It made me realise the importance of family members even more. Has this ever happened to you too? I hope not.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
3 Oct 08
Hello daffodil. I am so sorry that you got yourself hurt so badly yesterday with no one else at home to take care of you. Well, my wife used to have this kind of experience when she was doing cleaning job at home. She fell off the ladder on the stairs and hurt her leg so badly that it was after months before she got well again. At that time no one was at home and I was far away from her. She made a call to her friend for help and this friend of hers came immediately to help take her to the hospital in his own car. He was so nice and kind. We appreciate him very much. So it is always the best policy to be careful wherever we stay and whatever we do. Take care and get well soon, dear friend.
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• India
7 Oct 08
Sorry to hear about your wife's accident.She was also in the same situation,with no one around to help her out at the time of her fall.Her presence of mind and her friends quick help saved her from things turning out quite bad.This is what friendship is all about.Caring.A friend in need, is a friend indeed.