brain candy #2

October 3, 2008 8:13am CST
"a man is working at the top of a building.. at the 50th floor to be exact. one day, he want to go down outside the vicinity to eat but the rain puors. so he bring on his umbrella. he uses the elevator to go down. after his endevour, he went back to his office using the elevator." "the next day, he want to go down again to eat. so he ride the elevator down the building. but this time its a sunny day so he didn't bring an umbrella. but the odd thing he done is that when he go back to his office, he uses the stairs instead of the elevator." the question: why this man used the stairs instead of the elevator to go back to his office on a sunny day? what is the mystery behind this scenario?
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@virinchi (82)
• India
3 Oct 08
The resaon is very simple ....He is a short when it rains he uses umbrella to press the number of 50th floor...So as he didn't bring umbrella on sunny day he used staircases since he can't touch the 50th number on the elevator
• Philippines
4 Oct 08
ei... try to answer the first one... (brain candy #1)