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October 3, 2008 9:33am CST
4 men were sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, awaiting the arrival of their babies. 1. Mr Long 2. Mr Dixon 3. Mr Samson 4. Mr. Canton The nurse comes in: Nurse: Mr. Long? Mr Long: Yes mame. Nurse: Congradulations, you have twins. Mr. Long: all right!! Wow - would you believe that I work with the Minnesota Twins? Shortly another nurse comes in. Nurse: Mr. Dixon? Mr. Dixon: That would be me. Nurse: Congradulations, you have triplets! Mr. Dixon: Oh my goodness - really? Would you believe that I am a manager at the 3M Company? About that time Mr. Samson jumps up from his chair, and running from the room, yelling:" I'm outta here. I can't handle this!" The nurse says to Mr. Canton:"What's his problem"? Smiling, Mr Canton quietly says:"He works for 7-11 Corporation.
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