Where can you find cheap but Brand Name cigarettes online?

United States
October 3, 2008 9:46am CST
I used to order from a smoke shop in Virginia, but they no longer do mail order. I never thought to buy anywhere but local, then my gf who worked there suggested I order and save money. Boy, did I say money!! My cigarettes were half the cost from there, even including shipping. My Mom's were a little more expensive than mine, but still cheaper than here. We paid taxes in VA, so I was told it was "okay", unlike when you buy from a Reservation and have to report the taxes. Anyways... Mom quit smoking about a year and half ago, but I continued. Then I got pregnant and all that... and although I didn't completely quit, I hardly ever smoked. Since I stopped breast-feeding, and times have gotten extremely stressful... I started again. It would probably take me a month to finish a carton, instead of a week. But I would LOVE to find someplace to buy where I don't have to pay so much money!! Plus the added convenience of getting them delivered is fantastic. Having hubby grab me a pack now and then... just make me feel like a kid. So... does anyone buy from online? Are they reliable? Quick? Shipping inexpensive? Please let me know. Oh... I'm looking for Marlboro cigarettes though... so they need to carry Premium Brands. Thanks!!
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