Customer Service Job, Primary School Teacher

November 6, 2006 1:43pm CST
Dear Sir / Madam, My Name is Kashif Taher. I am 24 years old. I have completed my Diploma in Computer Science in the year 2002. My education details are below : Lower Kinder Garten : I was 5 years old Upper Kinder Garten : I was 6 years old Standard I : I was 7 years old Standard II : I was 8 years old Standard III : I was 9 years old Standard IV : I was 10 years old Standard V : I was 11 years old Standard VI : I was 12 years old Standard VII : I was 13 years old Standard VIII : I was 14 years old Standard IX : I was 15 years old Standard X : I was 16 years old Then after my Standard X, I attended a Diploma college. I obtained my three year diplomaa in Computer Science. This diploma is recognized by the Government of India. Then, I worked one year as a teacher at Crescent English School, Bangalore. After this, I joined a call center called ICICI OneSource. Here, I work for MCI / Verizon Telecommunications in their backoffice processing and e-mail support processes. I am currently working for this organization from Nov 2003. I have completed three years in this company. Can I get a job in US? I was denied immigration to CAnada based on my education qualifications being less.
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