Finally, finished with my informational article!

October 3, 2008 10:07am CST
I offered the informational writing project offered to me by rjholdings1. Some people in mylot who accepted the projects sent to them were paid good. Not much but better than other sites. Although I am a newbie, I tried making my article intersting, fun and informative all at the same time, by putting a little history, a little bit things I observed and a few things I read online. It was about popcorn machines. I know, how can you write about popcorn machines? But there's actually a history, plus my experience as a child in the movie house, I was one of the kids who were amazed with the over flowing popcorn popping out of the pot. hope fully they would like it. i things its kinda long 850 words and 16 paragraphs. I really worked hard for it. I hope its enough!
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