who is the best friend in ur life?

October 3, 2008 1:10pm CST
friends are gift from GOD. you have a lot of friends arrounds you. But ask who is youur best friend ? all are good friends of you , but it doesn't means he is your good friend . Friends may be a like a friend ar a good friend or may best friend. Best friend is who really thinks for you , who has reallly help you in your difficult time . To find a best friend is indeed like find GOD.But always be aware of those person who make you in problem . Always stay away from them. so Now you can think who is your best friend ?
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@xueyao (164)
• China
6 Oct 08
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• India
4 Oct 08
hi swayam.. welcome to mylot first.. i hope you will enjoy here.. arun is best friend for me.. he is the one who she my feelings.. i am very lucky to have a friend like him.. keep posting.. take care and have fun..
@rainmark (4306)
3 Oct 08
For me, i can say that my best friend in my life is my sister. Before we had a jealousy and competition to each other and we always fighting, we were not too close but when hard times came to our life, we became closer to each other. We developed the trust and love and support for each other until now. She is always there for me no matter how i nagged her, she understand my attitude. She always do whatever i told her and everytime i ask her a favor and i do the same to her. We are best friends! Happy posting.
@vmksvmks (413)
• Canada
3 Oct 08
I have several friends and everyone is special and different I feel different about each and everyone but hands down without anyone even close the very best friend in my life (God of course is number one ) is my beautiful wonderful wife Good Luck
• United States
3 Oct 08
i think your best friend is the one who will help you out in a time of need, when they really dont have the resources to help, but they give it a try anyways. and if you dont have a job, they will call you everyday and motivate you to get one, or you can call them at anytime of the night or day and be stranded somewhere and they will find a way to come get you. best friends always do what they say they are going to do and dont back out of it. best friends are basically like a brother or sister.