Two Pits...Help us please

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October 3, 2008 1:32pm CST
As most of you know we now have two Pit Bulls...we've had Karma, the girl for over 1 year and now because a man, who by the way was visually and obviously heartbroken, was evicted and had to leave to a place where animals were not acceptable, had to give Gage, a boy, away or take him to the ASPCA...we're sure that if taken to the ASPCA, he would be destroyed because he looks so vicious and is almost twice the size in height of Karma that we really don't think anyone would adopt him, and as many know the ASPCA gives them about 7 days and then the gas, UGH:-( Anywho, we've taken Gage in and he is treated every bit the same as Karma...but Karma has a big problem with Gage...just today I went home at lunch time and put Gage on the runner, (he loves it) and karma on another pole with a very long leash, they were basking in the sun and jumping and playing and everything was fine until...I put them both back in my daughter's house, as usual and as I was locking the door I heard the growling of fighting I went by the window which is open with a screen, and said stop it! They did and I went on back to work...I wasn't at work 5 minutes when the call oldest daughter was crying so uncontrolably that I could barely understand her...I had to calm her down first...she went on to say that Karma bit Gage right on his snout and on one of his legs...I don't understand why this happened, I am so upset over see my friends the man that gave us Gage told us that his girlfriend would beat Gage with a golf it's no wonder that when we tell Gage to stop in a loud voice he cowers...Oh my God...I want to get this B...h and beat her with a golf club and see how she likes it:-(...I cried with my daughter because she sensed something wasn't right when she walked in, both doggies did not move...Karma was on her couch and Gage was on the other couch, which by the way is now his. We understand that Karma is jealous because she was there first but how can we get these two beautiful dogs to get along? Can someone help?...I have my youngest at home right now searching the net for a dog whisperer...Tomorrow morning Gage goes for his first check up and of course we called him about the injury and the doc said to treat it the same way we treat ourselves with a cut...I am already in love with this dog although a little leary because he is sooooooooooooo big...but I never show him I'm leary, I treat him just as I treat Karma:-) Can someone offer any suggestions, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks myLotters! ~G~
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