Fall Decorating

October 3, 2008 5:31pm CST
Help! My friend who only has time for me when she needs me to do something for her, has given me a good challenge this time. She is holding a neighbourhood party tomorrow night and has asked us to help her prepare for it. Our jobs are to fill up the bbq tank and decorate the back yard and deck. She is planning to have a bonfire. It sounds like the whole thing is to take place outdoors. We don't live in her neighbourhood, but she is a new real estate agent and I believe this is part of her marketing effort. Anyway, she has suggested bales of hay, a pumpkin, corn husks, and given us a budget of $30. I've been looking online for ideas and haven't really found too much. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
3 Oct 08
Hi spyder. It is october so you can make a Halloween decoration. Put some pumpkins and some brooms made with branch and straw around the back yard and deck. Make some ghosts with a ball covered with white tissue (make eyes and mouth in that)and hang them around too. Put the corn husks in the floor in one corner of the yard and the bales of hay (two)in the sides of this corner leaning on the wall. In the centre of it put a caldron with a stick (like a big spoom). In this caldron you can put some little gifts like bags of candies and the guests can mix it with the stick (spoom)and pick the candies. I think that it can make a nice an funny decoration because she gives you a little money. Good luck and I hope it can help you.
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• Canada
4 Oct 08
Well Teka, I just happen to own a cauldron! ha ha ha. I can picture your suggestion and it looks good! Thank you.
@sunshine4 (8708)
• United States
3 Oct 08
I was going to make the same suggestions as your friend. Go to Big Lots if you have one and they have small bales of hay really reasonable. They also have tons of halloween decorations. Maybe you could even find a string of light that are pumpkins or something fall. Are you going to the party too? Sounds like fun.
• Canada
4 Oct 08
Hey Sunny! :) U bet we're going to the party! lol. Never heard of Big Lots! We have a Michaels which is usually pretty expensive, but I have pulled out our decorations to use for the day and have come up with quite a few nice things that I had forgotten about!