How did your get your ID?

October 3, 2008 10:13pm CST
A few yearsw back I had just started using the internet and I visited MSn Chat room. I was automatically given teh nickname "mercuryman". I liked that nickname. It signified a "hot" man. A man whose temperature is always on the boil. Since then it has become my favourite ID. I use it eveywhere. If it is already takenby someone else,i add a alphabet or a figure after it that why I am "mercuryman3a" here. What about you? How did you come up with your ID?
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@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
4 Oct 08
I usually choose the ID that have some related with my name. It make me more easy to remember it. I have use the same 1 ID into 2 or more site. So I don't need to remember too much and won't forget it. I don't very like to use combination of alphabet and numeric. It's hard for me to remember it. So if the username I want has been taken by other people. I would like to think another one rather than putting or change into numeric. Keep post happy myLotting...
@jstmarfz (1499)
• United States
4 Oct 08
hello hot man! lol. my id is a combination of my hubby and i ids. "jst" belongs to him and "marfz" belongs to me. So i decided to combine it. Jst is short cut of his name and marfz is a shot cut of my name too. Now, it ended as jstmarfz
@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
4 Oct 08
Well, i got it when playing a championship game and my teamate shouted "Way to go, super jj!" and it stuck. I like it, so i always use it.