Photography usimg which camera excite you more, manual or digital?

@sham66 (14)
October 4, 2008 12:54am CST
I started my photography interest using a manual camera from yashica.. It was really exciting to compose a picture using that camera... Because only by mere knowledge of the internal mechanism by which a photo is being made, we can make good photo, there were no shortcuts or monitors by which we can see the changes of shutter speed and aperture controls on the picture.. So all we get is by mere experience... It was like climbing a hill through a path made by you... a path which is known by none other than you... It was really exciting than the photos i am taking using my digital cam... as everything is very clear that how our photo will looks like before its being taken.. What do you think my friends?
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• United States
4 Oct 08
I got a sony a-200 not to long ago and I love it. My photography has gone to new grounds. I don't think I could use the manual cameras where you have to have a darkroom and everything. I like messing with all the dial and and setting to get the perfect picture so I don't have to do alot of editing on the computer.
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• Australia
7 Oct 08
Well, if you prefer to "stir your own" anything but a basic digital camera will let you shoot just like you used to with your Yashica. Just shift to manual, and if you are really serious about it, tape a piece of card over the screen or turn off the preview, then install a really small memory card so you have to change after 36 exposures. When I am out shooting, I seldom review any but the most important images or those with unusual challenges: I KNOW what I will get without "chimping".... but would I go back to the cameras I used during the 1950s and 1960s? No way. And I bet you wouldn't, either!