Who agrees to free the West Memphis Three?

United States
October 4, 2008 1:13am CST
After seeing that the justice system finally worked in the new OJ trial it made me think about something that i feel very strongly about: The West Memphis Three. They have all been in prison Jessie and Jason serving life and Damien on death row so far for 15 years. If you watched the documentary "paridise lost" you can see one that they didnt do it and 2 how corrupt that county's justice system is. right now Jessie and Jason had the first three days of thier rule 37 trials and unfortunately they had the same judge that they had in 1994, and damien was denied a new trial with DNA evidence...denied by the same judge. i have been polling other sites like the social networking ones about this topic and find not alot of people know about them but there seems to be enough. my question is whoever here knows about them also wants to see them freed? if you dont know about them there is a site dedicated to helping them get freed with all the information about the case and all the appeal cases its wm3.org and they also have a whole Wiki article about them that you can find by googling west memphis 3 wiki. so what are your thoughts?
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