Unequal treatment

United States
October 4, 2008 3:03am CST
I have recently started a discussion that I was wondering about and have gotten many responces one it (700 bailout bill), however, there was one responce that I saw as being bias. Personally I don't think that bias and unequal treatment is right, everyone is EQUAL. That is the way that I was brought up, and that is the way that I will be. Which brings me to the discussion of do you think that bias behavior is excusable? Do you think that it is just a (functionalist theory) where it is what we need in order to operate correctly, or do you belive more or an (assimilation theory) where everyone should be equal no matter where they came from or from something that a person was ascribed with, what are your views? Feel free to reference back to my previous discussion about the bailout and you will see on it my reply, and my obvious viewpoints on this matter.
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@sharra1 (6342)
• Australia
4 Oct 08
Everyone should be equal no matter who they are but that does not always happen. The law may state that people are equal before the law but in reality this is not the case. People who are rich often find a way to buy their way our of anything and the police are far less likely to arrest a rich person than a poor person. They know that the rich person can employ lawyers to sue them for harassment etc so they are very careful before they go down that path but if this is often not the case with poor people who are easy to arrest and rarely can afford a lawyer to defend them. The world is full of inequality in reality even though the rules may say that everyone is equal. As for the response that you are referring to yes it was biased. People like to have a group they can blame for a problem rather than face the reality of the issue. Everyone will blame someone other than themselves, they look for scape goats to pin the blame on. I think this is a human failing. I would like to see a world where everyone was considered truly equal but I cannot see it happening in the near future.