The yin and the yang of relationships....stereotypes T or F?

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October 4, 2008 8:23am CST
After reading a post that sparked this topic in my mind I have to ask the majority what they think. It could be men and women who respond. And with this I have to say I am not a feminist and I do not support chauvinistic attitudes either...I am in the medium range of roles between women and men. In other words I do believe some stereotypes are correct in order to have a balanced household and to have children who grow up to be solid individuals. Throughout the last several generations more and more families are not the nuclear types. ANd I am not referring to any family who is a two income hoousehold. I am talking about families not staying together for more than say five years....long enough to start a family but not be able to sustain one. I am not an expert on relationships by any means. But I am a people watcher. And from my own experience in my family there has only been one divorce, but even then it was not like they were divorced just lived in 2 seperate households. So my real question is to the women: Do you find it offensive when the male is the "dominant" (and remember this is not in terms of abusive dominance) head of the household in terms of being the bread winner and major decision maker? And men the question is: Do you think with the hard push on women earning equal to more than men in the work environment has contributed to this single parent household society (by majority appearance) we have today here in the US? I know there will be heavy opinions on this so go ahead. This is how discussions start and people think.
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10 Oct 08
My parents waited, well, my dad waited until I was 18 to leave, not sure if he planned it or what, he asked for forgiveness so I gave it to him. I did come from a broken home, I grew up in one. I guess with the man being the head of the house his rules didn't always favor the mom and maybe they've been pushed to make it on their own and that's led to men thinking they are not needed and I'm sure not appreciated like they want to be. I'm a stay at home dad and the roles have been reversed but I don't mind. My kids know that we love them, and love isn't just giving them what they want, that's no way to raise a child.
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4 Oct 08
hi taface! well, i am a born-again christian, so i believe it is the husband's role to be the bread winner and the woman's responsibility to stay home with the children. are there exceptions to this? yes, just as in everything. i work part-time at nights- i don't think there is anything wrong with a woman working. if my hubby was laid off from his job, God forbid, and i had to work more until he could find more work, then obviously i would do that. i don't look down on families who have a mother working and a father staying home, either- things work differently for every household, as you said. this is just my opinon and how i feel that God intended it to be- the man and woman were made to have their own unique responsibilities and roles in life and in marriage.