annoying roommates!

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October 4, 2008 6:18pm CST
One of the things that has annoyed me to a crazy degree lately is annoying roommates. I've had THREE bad roommates in 6 months. All the furniture in the apartment was mine, so why not respect it instead of spilling drinks and leaving the sticky puddles on the tables and sitting down on my beige couches in dirty clothes? Also, I hate that none of them did dishes. The grossest thing was the plates and bowls that still had large amounts of food on them that got put in the sink then covered with water. I HATED going to the kitchen sink and discovering a soggy mess of pizza floating around leftover potato salad! It's just gross... Also coming home to find out the air conditioning is set on like 65 degrees when it's cool outside already! Does anyone have roommates that annoy the crap out of them? What do they do?
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@keasling (724)
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4 Oct 08
Oh I sure do! I have a 22 year old who does not pick up after herself. Gets upset when I shut the internet down when I go to work. I also shut the phone off to but hey no help no privileges. She doesn't pay rent, doesn't help pay bills, she helps with her wic and foodstamps but she is pregnant so she helps eat that food any way. She tries to teach my kids things that I do not want them knowing. She leaves her dishes in the living room. She doesn't do her own laundry she puts her clothes in with my daughters clothes so I will wash them . So I truly feel for ya!
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5 Oct 08
That would make me so mad! Good luck!