Dreaming like its something real, in the end it was really real!

October 5, 2008 1:24am CST
i experienced dreaming with my fantasy, my future and my present life. but there was this weird experience i had when i thought it was a dream but its not. i was having a party in a bar where i got drunk a bit and i slept on one of the sofa. later on, i feel like dancing again with someone who i really love and all the people where smiling at me where i thought it was a dream. but it wasn't i was drag by my friends to the floor while i am half as sleep. very weird cause i pinch my self but there is no pain at all.. did you experience as such? or can you consider it as a dream or just me being drunk??
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• India
5 Oct 08
Well,if you'd ask me,I think you were drunk.Something like this only happens when you're drunk.Believe me!Once I thought I saw Hogwarts when I was drinking with my friend on the terrace.Whereas it was just an under-construction building.