what about your personal experince on bribe ,etc...

October 5, 2008 4:56am CST
what abot your personal experince on bribe etc...
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@Lindery (854)
• Latvia
20 Jan 09
I haven't done it but in my country bribing is popular. Anything really - people give bribes to policemen, clerks, officers... The good things is that it's getting less popular because when they get caught in the act, they get back in double.
@tutul0045 (2631)
• India
5 Oct 08
Hi, Iam in construction field and nothing moves here without bribes. Cheers, Tutul
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
5 Oct 08
After working and living in a number of countries where bribes are a very common practice I really despise this way of doing business. In many cases it is an instant expectation to give kickbacks even before any business has been signed! I personally refuse to do it and as far as I am concerned, I either have services of interest or I do not. If they wish to make under-the-table money then they can go and do business with someone else! It is a corrupt and evil practice that takes money away from far more deserving recipients.