Attention all users::::::!!

October 5, 2008 5:54am CST
Dear Mylot Users, Good evening, What do you think about the following: 1. Some people are jelous when u buy a new thing, car, house etc or when get a new job or you get something? they are not a poor people, who ever in the same status..! then why it is happening? I dont know because every one getting their benefits and things in this country, why should they get jelous on others? it really have an impact on others? what do think? as for as my concern, there are some impacts because of this...!! Once when I wear a new shirt my friend says wow its good beautiful, where did u buy this and what is the cost? suddenly after a few minutes i just try to went upstairs of my house my new shirt get tared with the lock!! i have confused there is no harm in this lock and very less possiblities are there to torn..!! do u have anything like this? common share with all our my lot users..!
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