Shoppers Beware!

October 5, 2008 9:49am CST
All of us wish bussinessmen are more honest when they are trying to sell us something.But what's they pursue is just making more profit.They have many devious ways to make it sounds that some products are cheaper than they do.They even pretend something doesn't cost any money.They always make you belive you really spend less money to buy their stuffs. "Free" and "Save" are the most used words for them.For example,if you offered hundreds of money to buy something,you would get another thing you don't mind having for free.They also say that if you bought two things or more together,you would save 2or3or more dollars.But the point is maybe you don't need them all.They are not necessaries to buy. So do you have the experience like that?Would you like to share with us?
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@bowtieguy (5925)
• United States
5 Oct 08
I have noticed that at a lot of stores one week they will have something 1/2 off and the next week it will be buy one get one or something. If you thinnk about you would be saving more getting the one item at 1/2 off then getting two at full price. But since they say buy one get one you think your getting a better deal. Stores do this sort of thing all the time to drum up bisnuess during the slow months, too bad for them that there are people like us who know better than that.