i want to go home please ~!

October 5, 2008 10:49am CST
i am a student who far away home for education.but i want to go home deeply~! i missing my mother and her appetzing COOKing ,i miss my father's smile. however i can't go home ,for one thing ,it cost much~,fot another thing ,i need to go on my learning. it is suffering that as a student like me . missing home ,missing my parent.
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6 Nov 08
I know the feeling when you saif, " I want to go home please" I do often say it to myself. I missed my home very much, and my lifestyle in my own homeland, in my own country. Its very difficult to adjust being away from home specially from our loved ones. But we have to I hope you will find something to do sometimes atleast to get rid from missing them even just in a minute. Make the most of your life, and enjoy it wherever you are!
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• United States
5 Oct 08
To make you feel better just have your parents send you a picture of them smiling that will help and have your mom send you some of her cooking to make to feel better. You can also send letters back and ford that will make you feel better to. You should try it, it could help and that way you can keep geting your education.