what do you think movie star ? are you admired them ?

Do you like movie star ? - I like to read the news about movie stars . And yesterday i read a news about a korean movie star that she commited suicide at her home . And she is a very beautiful and very famous in krean . And i don't understand why these movie star has so big pressure . and i always think that hot movie star are very well life , well dressed , and they are enjoying the beautiful time in their life . And compare with them , it seems that we are working hard every day . And we work and work , but still think we don't earn much money . And every day is so tired . 
And look at the movie star , they are very easy to get the more money , and they are not satisfied with them , and wish even richer and richer . And some success . And not all movie stars are always lucky . some are not successful , and maybe they have big pressure . what do you think of the some movie star to kill themselves ?
October 5, 2008 10:54am CST
I like movies . So sometimes i am very concentrate on them . And i like to read the news about them . but sometimes when i see their movies , i think the they are very good in their movie . But in reality life , from the TV , magazine , and internat that some reporter says these movie star are not very good manner , for example they like drugs , smoking , drinking , and a lot of affairs with other women or men and so on . so what do you think them ? do you like the movie , or you even a fan ?
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