Apple or Microsoft?

United States
October 5, 2008 4:13pm CST
Which do you prefer? Apple's computers or Microsoft-based computers (pretty much every computer on the market besides Apple). There are interesting some interesting factors to consider including usability, compatibility, and price. This is where I stand: Microsoft-based computers tend to be more affordable as there are several companies that manufacture them (Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc.) And these computers also tend to be more compatible with a wider selection of software (games, Microsoft Office, and other tools). As far as usability, I think that Apples tend to be more user friendly, but I still prefer Microsoft (partly because I grew up with it). In my experience, Microsoft can be just as easy to use as Apple if you know what you're doing - the only trouble is that Microsoft products usually take more effort to learn how to use.
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@kiinin (336)
8 Oct 08
Well, I'm both a PC and MAC user..I would say I prefer using mac(apple) then PC (microsoft-based compuer) cause mac deliver beautiful graphics, is powerful and very stable. I've been a mac user for almost 10 years and never comes across any virus attack problem.(touch wood, haha) And for your info, Apples nows are very user friendly too. Through my experinece, Microsoft windows needs updates and security patches very frequently, especially when my son play online games, it get virus attack very often and I have to keep running the antivirus system scan, it's time consuming. Anyway above are just my opinion, the choice is still yours.. Regards
• United States
8 Oct 08
Thank you - I am honored that you chose to post your first ever response to my discussion - welcome aboard! It's true that MACs tend to be better when working with multimedia and graphics - I really like iMovie.
• Philippines
7 Oct 08
i've been using a microsoft-based pc for more than 15 years but recently i got my first mac.. i would definitely choose the mac as the better choice...
• Brazil
5 Oct 08
In my opinion apple is much better, but everybody use Microsoft, and all programs work with microsoft, so I stell using microsoft.. BILL GATES!!!! Lol
5 Oct 08
to be honest i have never tried an apple computer before i have only ever used microsoft ones, i have heard lots of good reviews about apple and am actually considering my next computer to be an apple one as i am all up for trying new things.